Sunday, May 13, 2012

So we danced!

The first part of the Father/Daughter dance was a blur as i was so focused on keeping in step. We practiced the waltz before hand for an entire 10 minutes. After the first 30 second i settled down we we just danced and talked. She was so happy yet so stressed about the day and that the details were perfect. I hope in time she learns to just enjoy life and let the details work themselves out.

We shopped for that dress for nearly half a day, and even then she wasn't sure it was the right one. As you can see, it was the perfect dress!

This is the last picture we took as a group. The rest of our time with them was great! We played, goofed around and laughed. After the ceremony ended we all went back to the orphanage. Diana and I told the kids again how much they are in our hearts and how much we enjoyed being with them.

That evening we took Masha out for a celebration dinner. She thanks us several times for help make her day special.

The next day we boarded a train heading for Donetsk. We have a transition home there that we needed to visit. The train ride was a time of quiet reflextion. We absolutely trust God and that He has a plan in all of this. We had been telling people we were totally fine with the decision the children made, but in our hearts we missed them. We do believe the right decision was made, but human feelings and love are what they are.

These children belong to God! It is only ours to care for them wherever He has them.

I guess someone knew we could use a little uplifting because this is what we seen when we pulled into the station. The girls stay at our transition home. Olya (holding the baby) is our house mother, Zulfia (behind the suitcase) is our first resident and the mother of the baby and Kristina is with Campus Crusades for Christ and helps in our home. This is our first time meeting them all face to face. They are so filled with the loving spirit of Christ!

Then we arrived at the home to find this!

We are continuing to seek God's purpose for us here.

Stay Tuned!

Shane & Diana

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  1. You guys are AMAZING!! Praying for both of you and all the kids!