Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's the hurry?

Masha is the oldest of the siblings that we are adopting. Generally, an adopted child who reaches the age of 16 is not allowed a visa to enter the US. Because Masha is part of a sibling group she is still eligible to receive a visa until she turns 18. Masha turns 18 this July. We are in a race to get there and get the adoption completed ASAP. We don't want to arrive there in June and hit a road block and have time run out. Our goal is to submit our Dossier in Early February.

Here are the obstacles that we face:

1) I-171H! Our home study is finished and we are approved for the five children. Our I-600 is submitted to the US government and we are waiting approval of our application. We are asking for our friends to add this request to their prayers!

2) Money! It is tough for me to admit when I need help. I always think I can do it on my own. Asking people to help others has never been an issue for me. Asking others to help us has always been a tough thing for me. Having just come off our last adoption a year ago and still fighting the IRS on last years return, i have to admit and accept that we will likely not be able to get there before Masha turns 18 if we try to do this alone.

3) The Judge! To clarify, we are adopting a sibling set of three and two boys that are unrelated. They all grew up together in the same orphanage. We will likely stand in front of the same judge as before. The same Judge that told us, "I will never allow four to be adopted at the same time again". The way we see it, 5 is not 4! Please pray that God softens this Judge and that we come home with all of our children!

Thank you friends and God Bless!

Shane & Diana