Thursday, May 17, 2012

God's plan...Decision made!

We have been down but never out in this adventure. Peace always comes from faith in the Father and His plan. It is absolutely easier to say that, than to live it. But we have tried to stay very close to Him through all of this and trust in His Love and direction. We have tried as much as possible to resist our own flawed passions and stay in tune to those little pushes and pulls of direction from the Father. I believe we have a final decision!

We could have thrown in the towel and gone back home. Trust me, it would have been much easier that way! We were tired of being away from home and we miss our kids dearly. But we also felt strongly that God was not finished with us here. That He had a plan that He wanted us to see through. We decided to stay a little longer and see through what we felt God had revealed to us. I believe we have a final decision!


We can't share her info and picture because we haven't asked her the final question yet. We leave the city we are in on Saturday and head back to Kiev. Monday morning we have our appointment at the State Department of Adoption office where we will request a referral to go visit what we hope to be our  daughter. We have a tear jerking story to tell you all about her, but that will have to wait also.


But this is only a part of the entire story and final plan. Unfortunately, part two will have to wait also. So in closing, STAY TUNED!

Love, Shane & Diana


  1. Wow! God has a plan! I can't wait to see yours unfold! We have our appointment the week after you! Hope we can see each other!

  2. Ugh!!! I HATE cliffhangers!!! LOL! PRAYING everything works out and that HE is with you every step of the way.