Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer needed today!

As of today we do not have a court date. Our facilitator is flying in Tuesday morning to meet with the Judge and request that we have court on Wednesday if at all possible!

Here is what we need prayer for:

1) That when our facilitator arrives she has with her the last document we need to have the hearing.

2) That God will move and prepare everything that is needed so that the Judge will say yes to court on Wednesday.

We are growing tired of being here. Our children miss us and we miss them! Our girls aren't doing well with us being gone so long. And our dear friend Traci has really gone above and beyond in caring for them since we have been gone.

The minute the hearing is over Diana will be heading home and I will stay to finish up the process.

Peace and Love!

Shane & Diana


  1. We will stand in prayer with you.

  2. Hi. I just found your blog but can't find a contact email. Could you please email me at I run the website and have a question for you. Thanks! :)